Katherine Heigl Jee Vice Sunglasses

Katherine Heigl can wear just about any pair of sunglasses and look cool as the other side of the pillow, however this particular design by Jee Vice, named "Red Hot", is exceptionally chic and radiates fabulous.

These sunglasses are super stylish, however they will set you back a pretty penny, with a price tag of $220 buckaroos. Are they worth it? You better believe it, sister!

Katherine Heigl Birthday

I often hear people discussing their favorite time of the year, with many of the cliche responses being thanksgiving and Halloween and such, however i find one of the most prestigious events of every year is the birthday of the one and only Katherine Heigl.

Seriously, how much joy has Katherine Heigl brought into your life? Its certainly something to be celebrated! Are you with me!?!

Katherine Heigl Bra Size

Katherine Heigl is well known for being exceptionally voluptuous in certain areas of her beautiful body, which has triggered a strong response from internet users, many of which are searching for the bra size of Katherine Heigl.

Well search no more, because the actual bra size of Katherine Heigl is 36D.

You are welcome!

Katherine Heigl Shoe Size

As you may have noticed, his Katherine Heigl fan blog is more about facts and less about news and gossip.

And on the menu today is the shoe size of Katherine Heigl!

Real show size = 8

Katherine Heigl Net Worth

Extra extra read all about it! We discovered Katherine Heigl's actual money net worth and we're gonna share it with you!

Here goes nothing! Katherine Heigl's net worth is listed at $20 million.

Before reading this post, how much money did you think Katherine Heigl was worth?

Be honest now ya hear.